Cours d’histoire sur Twitter !

Petite note pour vous faire part d’un cours d’histoire qui a lieu en ce moment même sur Twitter et ce jusqu’en 2016 !

En effet, un jeune historien retrace la seconde guerre mondiale en temps réel, 72 ans après ! C’est génial : une dizaine de messages par jour sur la situation politique, des déclarations, des photos ou documents d’époque ou encore de témoignages de civils.

Si vous êtes déjà sur Twitter, suivez donc @RealTimeWWII et si vous n’êtes pas sur twitter, c’est une bonne raison de vous y inscrire.

Pour l’exemple, les tweets du jour (à lire de bas en haut !) :

« Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth ». Read a transcript of Roosevelt’s entire speech here:…
« No person in any responsible place [in government] has suggested sending boys of American mothers to fight on the battlefields of Europe »
Finally, President Roosevelt says no danger of American involvement in the European war.
« A Reactionary is a somnambulist walking backwards. A Liberal is a man who uses his legs and his hands at the command of his head »
« A Radical has with both feet firmly planted in the air. A Conservative has 2 perfectly good legs but has never learned to walk forward »
President also praising moderation of US politics; « Extreme Rightists & Leftists make us realize the value of the democratic middle course »
President praising neutrality of most US news: « Have tried to give their readers and listeners an unbiased and factual chronicle »
Tomorrow, US Senate votes on amending Neutrality Act to allow arms sales to Allies. President Roosevelt now pushing amendment on radio.
London: Chamberlain responding to Nazi Foreign Minister Ribbentrop’s claim that UK sought war: « the whole world knows this is not true »
If you like my feed, you should love this: the daily lives of 4 Londoners living through the war.
German POWs: « In Germany many things unobtainable, e.g. chocolate. Everybody afraid of neighbours; complainers sent to concentration camps »
Britain: War Cabinet now being briefed on naval, military, & air situation in Europe. See their minutes here:…
In addition to slave labour decree, Poles must « leave the pavement free » for Germans: « street belongs to the conquerors not the conquered »
Frank’s first decree: all male Jewish inhabitants of the General Government aged 14-60 are « obliged to work » on official labour projects
Hans Frank, Hitler’s personal lawyer, today takes up his post as Governor-General of occupied Poland.

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